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The gentle flicker of a candle sends light around a room, creating a fresh, inviting environment. The light scent of cleansing essential oils fills the air and makes you feel right at home. Lemongrass and Sage essential oils are ultimately refreshing in this all natural candle. With no artificial fragrances or colors, this candle gets its heavenly fresh scent only from pure therapeutic grade essential oils.

When you purchase Clean Haven Naturals soy candles, you'll also receive a small sample piece of another scent, to help you find your favorites

This listing is for the smaller 5 oz version of a Clean Haven Naturals Lemongrass & Sage candle, made with only the most pure and clean ingredients. With pure USA made non-GMO soy, pure therapeutic grade essential oils and a cotton lead free wick - this is a candle you can feel good about burning in your room. These aromatherapy candles are hand poured in small batches and burn 15+ hours. Unlike traditional candles, these put off a light calming scent without being overbearing or strong! These are decorated with rustic twine and a bronze feather charm, which can be removed if you prefer an unadorned candle.

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