Perfect Bath Gift Set v2

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The perfect gift for the person who loves a clean, fresh home!


-A skin softening, luxurious bath bomb

-4 oz Room & Linen Spray

-An 4 oz cutie candle

 Our sprays are:

- Free of phthalates & irritants.

- Long lasting & perfectly strengthened (for best/longest lasting results, use on linens or fabrics).

- Body safe.

How to use:  Simply shake & spray. We do recommend spot testing on all fabrics and surfaces first. Cloudiness & separation is normal. May make floors slippery if used in excess. 

Ways to use sprays:

- In bathrooms for eliminating odors

- On curtains, furniture & area rugs

- On shoe or sock odors

- Freshen up beds & linens

- On towels and shower curtains

- The list goes on and on!!!... 

Ingredients: distilled water, natural odor counteractants, denatured alcohol, polysorbate 20, phthalate-free fragrance & essential oils

Perfect Bath Gift Set v2
Perfect Bath Gift Set v2
Perfect Bath Gift Set v2
Perfect Bath Gift Set v2

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