Scent Descriptions

Since the internet doesn't have a scratch & sniff option (yet!) I've compiled short descriptions of each of my scents!  

Clean Haven wax (in candles and wax bars) is incredibly long lasting with perfected scent throw ability. For best results: wax cubes should be warmed in a plate warmer or at least 25 watt bulbs. Lower wattage can result in an only partially melted wax pool, which will not throw ideally.

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Please note: this is a list of all fragrances I currently have in stock. This list does not guarantee that every type of product in every scent (wax, candles, etc) is currently available and ready to ship. 

BAMBOO & COCONUT - Fresh, clean coconut with an earthy bamboo accord that brings on a calming, soothing ambiance. This is one of my all-time favorites, personally. 

BASIL & LIME * (only EOs) - Fresh, clean basil essential oil with uplifting notes of lime. Incredibly clean & fresh. Surprisingly enjoyable. 

BERGAMOT & EARTH * (only EOs) - Uplifting bergamot with undertones of fir needle, cedarwood and patchouli. This scent is for earthy-aroma lovers. 

BLUE SPRUCE - Spruce, pine and cedarwood come together with punchy notes of citrus - this scent is actually perfect for year-round.

BUTT NAKED - Like a fruity drink on the beach, this blend of vanilla and fruits is my #1 best seller! Plus, it's name is eye catching, ha! 

CHERRY ALMOND - A nostalgic aroma for many - sweet, nutty almonds with a beautiful cherry finish. A personal favorite. 

CRANBERRY WOODS - Sweet, frosted cranberries with notes of  woodsy cedar & cinnamon. This scent has a strong cranberry accord, the other elements are more subtle. 

DARK WATERS - Top notes of citrus, seasalt and zone with plum and cardamom details... finished by dark musk and amber. Can be masculine or feminine. 

DRIED EUCALYPTUS - A clean, spa-like aroma. Fresh crisp eucalyptus with undertones of bergamot, lemon, lime. 

FLANNEL BLANKET * - A crowd pleaser! Best selling scent of 2018 & 2019. Luxurious vanilla, wrapped in notes of warm musk and undertones of gentle citrus. This one lights up the eyes of everyone who smells it. 

FRESH CUT ROSE - True to the name, smells exactly like fresh cut roses... without cleaning up any petals or dead flowers. 

FRESH GARDEN HERB -  Cool, refreshing herbal notes highlight this fresh, clean scent. With basil, sage and mint - this blend is the perfect fresh and clean home aroma. 

LAVENDER LEMON * (only EOs) - Floral lavender with delightful notes of lemon. Calming and cleansing. 

OAKMOSS & AMBER - A universal and alluring fragrance loved by both men and women. Orange, sage, grapefruit and lavender add a soft floral touch. Oakmoss, amber and tonka round out its base for beautiful character. It's interesting name leaves it a mystery to some, but those who have smelled this in person absolutely adore it. Customer favorite. 

PEPPERMINT EUCALYPTUS - Sweet peppermint with tingly, earthy eucalyptus. Refreshing and clean. Essential oils in this fragrance: Cedarwood, Eucalyptus.

PINEAPPLE CILANTRO - Fresh, juicy pineapple infused with herby notes of cilantro. As a personally strong anti-cilantro person, I LOVE this scent and its sweet uniqueness!

ROSEMARY MINT * (only EOs) - Cool, earthy rosemary with a tingly mint accent. Fresh, clean and uplifting. 

SEASALT & ORCHID - Soft, floral notes with salty highlights. Seasalt, ozone, jasmine, green leaves, lily of the valley, wood and tonka bean. 

TEA & CAKES - Orange almond cake starts off this interesting fragrance with icing and undertones of black tea. Sweet & refreshing. 

SPA GETAWAY - Sweet top notes of sugarcane and lemon, finished by lemongrass and black currant. Extremely popular. 

SANDALWOOD VANILLA - Sweet, hearty vanilla blended with antique sandalwood. Very prominent sandalwood notes in this, but the vanilla is still preserved beautifully.

WEATHER TURNING - An intriguing and nostalgic scent with a surprising twist. Oak, nettle, oakmoss, chamomile, mint, beeswax and hay create this alluring fragrance. A personal favorite. The smell of weather turning. 

WELCOME HOME - Warm, spicy vanilla with top notes of cherry. The ultimate "cozy home" scent for all year round.

Scents that have a lighter scent throw are marked by an asterisk (*).