Scent Descriptions

Clean Haven wax (in candles and wax bars) has perfectly noticeable but not overpowering scent throw. My customers love that it smells amazing without causing headaches or irritation! 

For best results: wax cubes should be warmed in a plate warmer or at least 25 watt bulb for full sized warmers. A small pluggable warmer with 15 watts is also feasible for smaller areas. 

My goal in 2023 is to add more "bakery" and "foodlike" scents to the list. Please be patient with me!

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Scents are rated from 1-3 purple hearts: with 1 being a lighter scent throw & 3 being the strongest. 

BAMBOO & COCONUT 💜💜  Fresh, clean coconut with an earthy bamboo accord that brings on a calming, soothing ambiance. This is one of my all-time favorites.

BEACH DAY SUNSET 💜💜 This scent reminds me of the sun going down after a lunch day at the beautiful beach. Notes of suntan lotion fading, fresh air, patchouli & great memories. A soothing yet refreshing scent. 

BLACK RASPBERRY VANILLA 💜💜 That classic combo of sugary vanilla, black cherry, plum, strawberry & musk. 

BUTT NAKED 💜 Like a fruity drink on the beach, this blend of vanilla and fruits, a best seller! Plus, it's name is eye catching, ha! 

CASHMERE HIDEAWAY 💜💜💜  A cozy blend of amber & cashmere. I say if Flannel Blanket & Driftwood had a baby, this would be her! 

CHERRY ALMOND 💜💜💜  A nostalgic aroma for many - sweet, nutty almonds with a beautiful cherry finish. A personal favorite. 

CHAI TEA LATTE 💜💜 Just like a cozy cup of warm, spicy chai tea with a creamy latte finish. A top favorite.

CRANBERRY WOODS 💜💜  Crisp, sweet cranberries with hints of pine & woods. A classic. 

DARK WATERS 💜💜💜 Top notes of citrus, sea salt and zone with plum and cardamom details... finished by dark musk and amber. Can be masculine or feminine. 

DRIED EUCALYPTUS 💜💜💜  A clean, spa-like aroma. Fresh crisp eucalyptus with undertones of bergamot, lemon, lime. 

DRIFTWOOD 💜💜💜 An earthy combination of cedar & sandalwood with undertones of musk & slight florals. Perfectly masculine or feminine. 

FLANNEL BLANKET 💜💜  A crowd pleaser! Best selling scent of 2018 to present. Luxurious vanilla, wrapped in notes of warm musk and undertones of gentle citrus. This one lights up the eyes of everyone who smells it. 

FIRST SNOW FALLING 💜💜💜 Picture yourself standing in the forest as the first flakes of now fall of the season. An infusion of pine, fresh air and mint! A beautiful and unique blend. 

FRANKINCENSE & MYRRH 💜 A beautiful, powdery blend of frankincense/olibanum, oud, myrrh, amber & bergamot. 

FRASER FIR 💜💜💜 A winter classic. I like to call this "the smell of Christmas" (or the holidays) because it truly embodies the sweet blend of forest & trees.

FRESH CUT ROSE 💜💜💜 True to the name, smells exactly like fresh cut roses... without cleaning up any petals or dead flowers. 

GINGER & SPICE 💜💜  A nostalgic scent of rich, spicy aromas of the holidays. A perfectly balanced blend of ginger, allspice & nutmeg, layered with orange, lemon & clove. A person top pick of my own. 

GRAPEFRUIT MINT 💜💜  A nostalgic combination of sweet baked goods, bread & coziness. 

GOODNIGHT MY LOVE 💜💜 A peaceful, serene blend of only essential oils: lavender, chamomile, sweet marjoram, patchouli and orange. This is a best-seller! If you have a strong aversion to patchouli, this one won’t be a hit for you. If you’re patchouli preference is high or in the middle, it’s a must try! Only available in room & linen sprays. 

LAVENDER WREATH 💜💜 A light & lovely blend of dried lavender with calming notes of cedarwood & sage.

LAVENDER & WHITE SAGE 💜💜💜 An herbal twist on the typical lavender scent - similar to Lavender Wreath but with more of a herb/smudge vibe. Complexed with chamomile, rosemary, sage, cedar & sandalwood.

LAUNDRY DAY 💜💜💜 The rewarding scent of fresh, clean laundry without the work! With top notes of cotton, lemon & linen. This scent is rounded out beautifully by undertones of powder, sandalwood & violet. 

LEMON VERENBA 💜💜💜 Fresh, invigorating lemon verbena.

MAHOGANY SHEA 💜💜 A rich, creamy soothing combination of amber, wood, tonkabean, cedar, shea, amber & almond. Personally, this has become one of my favorites recently. 

MANGO & GARDENIA 💜💜 An unlikely sounding combination that's intriguing and beautiful. Fresh, juicy mango with undertones of lightly floral gardenia. If you haven't tried this one, it's a must! 

NEW DAY 💜💜 Crisp, fresh air - layered with pear, sage & mint. 

OAKMOSS & AMBER 💜💜 A universal and alluring fragrance loved by both men and women. Orange, sage, grapefruit and lavender add a soft floral touch. Oakmoss, amber and tonka round out its base for beautiful character. It's interesting name leaves it a mystery to some, but those who have smelled this in person absolutely adore it. Customer favorite. 

PEPPERMINT EUCALYPTUS 💜💜💜 Like the steam room in a spa - peppermint & eucalyptus layered with cedarwood.

SEASALT & ORCHID 💜💜💜 Soft, floral notes with salty highlights. Sea salt, ozone, jasmine, green leaves, lily of the valley, wood and tonka bean. 

SPA GETAWAY 💜 Sweet top notes of sugarcane and lemon, finished by lemongrass and black currant. Extremely popular. 

TEA & CAKES 💜💜 Orange almond cake starts off this interesting fragrance with icing and undertones of black tea. Sweet & refreshing. 

THE BACK PORCH 💜💜 A fresh, clean breezy scent... laundry on the clothesline, sweet tea & Jasmine.

TROPICAL VOLCANO 💜💜💜 The classic sweet tropical fruits with sugared oranges, lemon, lime & ripe greenery. 

WEATHER TURNING  💜💜 An intriguing and nostalgic scent with a surprising twist. Oak, nettle, oakmoss, chamomile, mint, beeswax and hay create this alluring fragrance. A personal favorite. The smell of weather turning. 

WELCOME HOME 💜💜💜 Warm, spicy vanilla with top notes of cherry. The ultimate "cozy home" scent for all year round, but especially during the cozy candle season.

WHITE BIRCH 💜💜💜 More than a traditional "tree" scent - this is layered with eucalyptus, cypress & tonka bean. 

WHITE TEA & GINGER 💜💜💜 An herbal infusion of tea with sweet, crisp ginger. Refreshing like a spa or fancy facial.