Wool Dryer Ball Essential Oil - Lavender and Lemon 20% OFF MOVING SALE

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DRYER BALLS NOT INCLUDED - View my wool dryer balls here! 

Dryer balls are an amazing chemical free alternative for chemical laden dryer sheets. They're also wonderful for sensitive skin, and drying cloth diapers! Doing laundry the natural way is great for many reasons - but it's easy to miss that fresh laundry scent. With this blend of pure therapeutic grade essential oils - you won't have to imagine laundry day smelling fresh and clean without chemicals.

Available in 10 or 30 ml - this little bottle goes a long way. For each dryer ball, use 1-3 drops for a fresh, clean basket of clothes. This bottle comes with an orifice reducer dropper for easy, spill free use. **NEW - our bottles now have a more controlled drip for precise application.**

Ingredients: 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils (Lemon, Lavender)